At New Armani, we understand that each individual has a unique body measurement and shape. Our stylist will help you select The fabric and then a step by step customization for you collars cuffs down to the buttons. Our master tailors will then take your detailed measurements. Our promise is a guaranteed perfect fit and impeccable craftsmanship.


We strive to create the greatest shopping experience. By using our cutting-edge traditional your custom shirt, you can be confident that we will deliver on our promise.

In our owned and operated tailor shop, our highly skilled craftsmen, with tremendous attention to detail, will work together to make your custom shirt a truly unique product – made only for you.


Tailoring a shirt to perfection requires accurate and considerate measurements. Then design, size, print, fabric weight, collar shape, neck, shoulder comfort and cuff styles.

Buying a custom tailored shirt from us is always an excellent choice. We promise to give you: Guaranteed perfect fit, Highest quality fabrics, materials and craftsmanship and Unique custom tailored shirts to wear with ultimate confidence.